Top 5 Lipsticks for Winter/Fall time

Now that Winter is half way through (in the UK that is). I thought it would be a good time to share with you some of my favourite lipsticks which I have been wearing a lot in these colder months. I love this time of year because hello bolder lipsticks. For me, the colder months are more fun because you can experiment with darker colours without being branded as a ‘goth’.  So here are my 5 Favourite lipstick for winter:

1.       MAC : Media

My most worn lipstick this winter has been MAC Media which is a stunning, vampy purple/red wine shade. I bought this over the Christmas period in the sale and I am absolutely addicted to it. I probably wear these 5 times a week. I am obsessed!

2.       MAC: Ruby Woo

This is a shade that I wear all year round. It would probably be more associated with a more summer type of lipstick. However, I feel like a classic bold red is perfect in the winter time and it has a Christmas vibe to it.

3.       NYX Liquid Suede: LSCL12 Vintage/Retro

This is my first NYX Lipstick that I have ever purchased, and I am certainly impressed with it. The shade that I have, Vintage/Retro, has a plum colour with a slightly movulum Subton. I don’t normally wear liquid lipsticks; however, I LOVE this. It stays on throughout most of the days. I will be buying more NYX liquid lipsticks from now on.

4.       MAC: Persistence

This lipstick shade was recommended by someone from Twitter back in August when I tweeted that I was not ready to accept it was time to put my Velvet teddy shade away. This twitter user said if I loved that shade I would love this – which she was right! I went about 2 months of wearing this shade every day. It is a warm peachy cinnamon with a matte finish, a not so ‘in your face’ colour which is perfect for everyday wear.

5.       MAC: Diva

This is the most recent MAC purchase, so it has not been worn as much as the others. Diva is an intense reddish burgundy in a matte finish. In my opinion it’s the darker and richer version of Ruby Woo. I recently wore this lipstick to an 80’s night which I attended with my parents as I felt it had a retro vibe to it.

What about you? What lipstick shades are your favourite for the colder months?xo 

8 Personal Goals for 2018

Well it is official; we are one week in to the year 2018. Where is the time going eh? Last year I wrote my goals for 2017 and I thought firstly I would review which goals I achieved and which goals I did not. In last years post, I created eight goals for myself. I achieved 4/8 which isn’t awful, but it isn’t great either. So, this year I aim too make more achievable goals and plan to achieve these goals. After all, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry said a goal without a plan is just a wish’. This time I want to achieve all my goals this year.

Here are my 8 goals for this year;

- To see more of the world- Sadly, I don’t have much money to go travelling the world. However, I plan to go to a country this year that I haven’t been too. Whether that is Greece, Italy or Germany. All I need to do is convince one friend to go with me and then plan it from there, shouldn’t be too hard right?

- Stop Neglecting my Blog – It’s been 3 months since my last post! I keep using life distractions as an excuse to not post on my blog but that is silly as I enjoy posting. However, the last 6 months I lost all enjoyment in everything that I loved. This needs to stop.  

- Start saying ‘yes’ too more things – Over the past year, I’ve become more introverted and would rather spend 99% of my time in my bedroom watching Netflix than going out socialising and experiencing things; this has become unhealthy and I need to start being more willing to try new things

- To book my theory test – for over a year I have been saying that I need to learn how to drive, yet I can’t take the leap. Nevertheless, a small goal will motivate me to eventually learn how to drive.

- To go to the gym more – I love going to the gym to de- stress (sadly I like chocolate too much for it to show). Due to my work life, I never ever stick to a routine when it comes to the gym and sometimes go two weeks without going. Which is a shame, considering I enjoy it so much. So, my goal is to go at least 3 times a week minimum.

- To smile more – They say that smiling is contagious and can make you feel more positive. It seems to simple yet so effective!

- To cook more – For anyone who knew me a year ago, can tell you that I can hardly cook. However, throughout the year I slowly learnt how to cook new meals. But I am a lazy person and I will end up buying take out just, so I do not have to cook. For Christmas, my nan bought me a slow cooker and I have every intention that I will use it!

- To start my masters and read the recommended reading before the semester starts – If you are on my Instagram, you would have seen that I was accepted on a Masters course which is due to start in September this year. After being a year out of education, I cannot wait to go back to it! Nevertheless, my organisation skills have never been the best, but I aim to be better.

What are you’re goals for 2018? Maybe you’ll inspire me xo


Remember being a fresher and everything was so new and exciting, like seriously. I remember getting excited to attend my first lecture, attend my first fresher's night and meet loads of new people. When third years told me to enjoy it, I rolled my eyes and shrugged a little bit. Enjoy what? 'Doesn’t life last like this forever?' No it does not. 
A few months after graduating from my degree. I feel slightly bitter towards students. Like can I have your liver please because my slightly older body can’t have a sip of alcohol without needed to take the day off work the next day. 
But besides me being bitter about the lack of alcohol I can now intake since being a graduate.  I’m bitter about feeling so naïve about university life. It was put in my head that you attend university and you get a good job and you learn real life experiences. Sadly, you do not. My psychology with sociology degree feels useless. Even though my job has something to do with my degree, I did not need my degree to get it. Degrees mean nothing in the world of work. Its half expected nowadays. Most employees just like you to have a degree, it doesn’t matter what grade you got or even what it’s in. 
Life has suddenly flashed before my eyes. I’m now in my twenties, living on my own in a city that none of my family are in. Half of my friends are unemployed feeling like waste of space (even though they are not) and half of my other friends seem to have it all figured out and me, well I feel lost. Yup, being a graduate totally sucks for most people. This is what is known as graduate blues. The advice I usually get is that ‘Being in your 20’s is hard but just plow through’. I now know that most of my friends are feeling the same way and this period of our time is just graduate bluesness. So here are some friendly reminders for anyone who is feeling low:

1. We are ALL making it up as we go along!   

It’s ok to not know what the hell you are doing. Making up small achievable goals will keep you on track.

 2. Being broke is totally a part of it and it’s ok to be.

I mean, unless you come from a rich family who will pay for everything... yeah scrimping and saving is totally apart of it. Yup, start saving for the rest of your life!

3. You are NEVER alone.

I know that I have lost touch with several of my friends and on time I feel like the whole world is against me. But trust me, you aren’t alone. Your friends still care about you as do your family. You have more people out there than you think.

4. You have plenty of time.

So what if you are not doing a job in your subject area? So what if you can’t choose what masters you want to do right now? So what if you’re not travelling around the earth taking awesome filtered instagramable pictures eh?  SO WHAT IF YOU DON’T KNOW. You have plenty of time to decide what you want to do

5. Your body is not Eighteen anymore.

Gone are the days where you can drink 20 shots, 10 double voddies and coke, 17 pints and still be able to wake up in the morning and attend you’re 9 am lecture without feeling a thing. Nope, it’s ok to be in bed by 10 am and not feel boring. It’s ok to pace yourself. IT’S OK TO BE A LIGHTWEIGHT and it’s ok to want to start taking better care of your body. Plus going to the gym can be used as a hobby to distract you anyway.

6. It’s ok not to be ok.

Yup, you can spend the day crying your eyes out in your pj’s . It’s ok to do that; If you don’t fall in to the trap of self-pitying for too long.

7. When one door closes another one opens!

Such a cliché eh? But it’s true. There are new and exciting opportunities right now and they will find you.